GameStorm Winter Newsletter

GameStorm Winter Newsletter

Hi there, GameStorm fanatics! We have been super quiet lately but now we have information. We wanted to reach out and give you the latest updates on whats going on. Featured in this letter:
• GameStorm Email Issues
• GameStorm Website Update and GameCon Status
• GameStorm Hotel
• Game Day 2023
• GameStorm Social Media
• GameStorm Guests of Honor

GameStorm Email Issues
The mail servers OSFCI and GameStorm have been using for years continue to be blocked by much of the internet as spam servers. As such, we are working to move to new servers for our email needs. If you are having trouble reaching someone, please feel free to contact us at our temporary address, and we will happily direct your communication to the needed people. As we create other temporary addresses, we will provide further details on our website.

GameStorm Website Update and GameCon Status
GameStorm regulars will know that by now we are usually talking about GameCon and the ability to submit games to our scheduling system. Due to staffing and timing issues, we do not have this ready quite yet. However, we are pleased to report that we are moving to a brand-new website and game submission engine and should have more information about both of these very soon. We will send email with updates as they become available.
Please note that if you forget your password and are unable to log into the webpage, you are currently unable to purchase memberships. Once the new site goes live, this functionality will be restored.

GameStorm Hotel
Just a reminder that we still have rooms in our hotel block available. Please visit for more information and follow the link noted on that page (not the one in the header).

Game Day 2023
We have our final Game Day for the 2022-2023 season scheduled for Saturday, January 7th, from 9AM to 9PM at the Holiday Inn (our Con hotel). Come join us for this free event, play games, socialize with your friends, and learn more about GameStorm, including how to help volunteer for future years.

GameStorm Social Media
One thing we are looking to do is interact more with you, our wonderful members, and fans of GameStorm. To that end, we have created both Youtube and TikTok accounts to supplement our Instagram and Facebook presence. What we need from all of you is suggestions of what you would like to see us supply! Live Plays? Reviews? Recorded panels with our staff and special guests? Crazy memes? Please contact us at with your suggestions.

GameStorm Guests of Honor
We know this is horrible way to bury the lead, but we wanted to make sure you read ALL the news. We are happy to announce our first Guests of Honor!!!
Our first GOH is known for games such as After the Virus, Space Station, and a little tiny game called Terraforming Mars (in all of its iterations). GameStorm is happy to welcome the Co-owner of FryxGames, Jacob Fryxelius. We are excited to have him here direct from Sweden!
We also have another first, a duo has agreed to be the Kids Activities Guests of Honor! They have created a color and cut RPG called ‘Color My Quest’. Please welcome the team from Dice Up Games, local game designers Tim and Kristin Devine. We are hoping this unique spin on an RPG will help everyone enjoy this fun and exciting way to play.
We are still working some details out for other special guests and look forward to announcing them soon.

That’s all for right now. As always, please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns and watch our Facebook and website for more information.

Jason Bostick
Gamestorm Support and PR