A Note from the Chair, GameStorm 17

Some questions have been coming up, so I thought I would post a note:

Why are you out of rooms Thursday night?

Two reasons.

1) We are sharing the space on Thursday with another group.

2) We have more people coming to GameStorm! Even without sharing the space, we’d be getting pretty tight on rooms.

Why is Boardgaming going to be in the Garage?

Again, two reasons.

1) We are sharing the space at the hotel with another group on Thursday and needed to rearrange. Rather than give our members a substandard and cramped event on Thursday, we decided to shift things around.

2) This will solve many of the issues of overcrowding on Friday and Saturday! The garage will easily hold all of Boardgaming, Children’s Events, Miniatures, even the Game Lab!

Won’t it be cold/noisy/dark/icky down there?

Nope! We’re putting in carpet, pipe and drape, plus a few lights and heaters where necessary. In fact, you may find it less noisy than Heritage thanks to the sound baffling on the ceiling!

What all will be in the Garage?

Glad you asked! The Game Library will be there, the Game Lab, Miniatures, Children’s Events, the Chaos Game, MIBs and all the wonderful games and gamemasters you’ve come to expect from GameStorm!

How can I help?

Another great question! GameStorm is entirely volunteer run. As we keep growing we need more and more volunteers to help us bring you this Fabulous and Fun convention! We need people both pre-con and at the convention. Not just Game Masters (though we need lots of those too!).

If you would like to help out please email the volunteers department.
If you would like to run a game, please click on the link to Schedule a Game!

Thank you!

Debra Stansbury

GameStorm 17 Chair