Guests of Honor


Role Playing Guest of Honor: Jason Bulmahn

Jason Returns to us after several years to show us whats new in the Pathfinder and Starfinder lines of Role Playing Games from Paizo. As the Lead Designer, Jason has the pulse of these wonderful systems and everything published from Paizo.

Board Gaming Guest of Honor: Manny Trembley

An artist by design, Manny helped Codesign and release the 1 Vs 1 game Dice Throne. This action dice game is quick fun and Manny will bring his energy and knowledge to us and will be excidting to see.

Publishing Guest of Honor: Ray Wehrs

As President of Calliope Games, Ray had made this company shine with excellent games such as Tsuro, Roll for it, and the Titans Series of Games. Ray has been with us before, and we are excited to have him back.

Game Writer Guest of Honor: Greg Gorden

With over 20 years of game world design experience, Greg is a well known writer for many different universes and game design systems. His insight and creativity will be fun to listen to as he tells us his tales.

Organized Role Playing Guests of Honor: Paizo Publishing

Paizo Publishing will be bringing in their people to assist in running several of the large scale Organized Role playing events from the Pathfinder Society. If you enjoy rolling those dice in these universes, watch for our schedule to go live so you can see what is available.