Hotel Reservations for GameStorm 23 are now open. Please follow this link!

For your convenience, please check out this map. GameStorm uses all available function space, including all four Presidential and Parlor suites, and the Elevator Lobbies, to bring you more games, and more fun. When reserving your room you may want to keep that in mind.

GameStorm does not have a Quiet Wing. We have a Quiet Floor, which is the 3rd Floor (the Hotel puts their non-GameStorm guests on the 4th Floor). If you require peace and quiet, we recommend requesting either a 3rd Floor room, or one that is in the Outer Wings (rooms x24-x45, x74-x95, x being the floor number). Also, the only elevators in the wings are at the “elbows”.

Hotel Parking

Parking is Free!

But, please consider, if staying for the whole weekend, parking in the Overflow Parking, and leaving the closer parking for those who are coming in just for the day. The hotel has a shuttle and will be happy to take you to the hotel, and back to your car when the weekend is done (take advantage of the option to leave your bags with the concierge as you check in/out).

The Hotel Shuttle: 503-283-4466

Taking Mass Transit?

There is a stop just the other side of the parking lot for those taking the bus.
If you take the MAX, get off at the Expo Center and call for the Hotel Shuttle: 503-283-4466.

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