GameStorm 21 Memberships are now only available at the door!


Full Weekend Prices

Adults and children 15-17 : $75

Children 6-14 : $25

Memberships for children 5 and under are free


Single Day Prices

Adults and children 15-17

  • Thursday: $30

  • Friday: $45

  • Saturday: $45

  • Sunday: $30

Single day memberships for children 6-14 : $20

Memberships for children 5 and under are free

Memberships may be transferred or refunded prior to the beginning of the convention. Refunds after that date are at the discretion of the chair. Please see our Membership Refund and Transfer policy for details.
All memberships are subject to the Code of Conduct.  Memberships for children are subject to the Children Policy and will require a waiver (15 and over or under 15).  Ages are presumed to be the age at the time of the convention.

GameStorm is a membership event and membership badges must be worn at all times by all members and staff. A badge is only valid for the individual to whom it was issued. Badges may not be shared. GameStorm requires that all individuals  have membership badges for the convention, and that they be clearly visible when at GameStorm.

Contact Registration with any questions.