GameStorm is:

Every year, over 1,500 excited gamers of various styles and groups come together to celebrate all things gaming. Over the four day event, hundreds of scheduled and pickup games will be ran, dice will be rolled, and cards thrown down.

Our Game Lab allows new and returning designers to test out new games. Our Play and Win program gives members a chance to win some of the newest games out there. GameStorm Presents shows off games about to come out to purchase or just getting ready to start a funding project.

All this and so much more! Come check it out.

GameStorm offers:

  • board games
  • an extensive board game library
  • role playing games (tabletop RPGs)
  • LARPs (live action role playing)
  • collectible card games*
  • miniatures and wargaming
  • Game Lab – a game design laboratory
  • children’s games
  • panel discussion topics
  • dealers room
  • game tournaments
  • a small video game room
  • special events

Cards for CCG sealed pack tournaments are sold by vendors at an additional charge.

GameStorm is a non-profit, volunteer run convention. Come join us!