February 27th Update

And now for something completely different. Well. Not really, but here is another update on GameStorm to get you all ready. In this update:

Mask Policy and Vaccination Check update
Static Event File
Player Signups
Food Truck Reminder

Mask Policy and Vaccination Check update:

With the changes recently announced by both the CDC and the Oregon Health Authority, we are updating our requirements to be the following:

-We will continue to require vaccination checks or a current and valid Doctor administered Negative COVID test to acquire your membership badge. We are not changing this requirement.

-The hotel wide mask requirements will be lifted. As a convention we will not be requiring masks around the hotel. The hotel will also be matching these requirements. However certain rooms, events, and tables may require masks and GM’s are allowed to require masks for their individual games. Currently the following rooms will require Masks:

  • Creation Station
  • Office/Watch
  • Swag/GameStorm Bucks Redemption
  • Panel Attendees

We will be updating the list of rooms as we know. GM’s who are running tables will be able to post a sign (available at the Game Library as well as the RPG Headquarters) that will denote whether Masks are required or optional.

Static Event File:

Between now and when the player signups go live, we will be updating the list of available events periodically as part of a static file that will be viewable. At this time it does not include Play and Win or D&D/Pathfinder but we are hoping those are coming soon.

Player Signups:

As a reminder, Player signups will go live at 7PM Tuesday March 1st. We will be live on Facebook and streaming as people begin signing up for the games to ensure ‘all goes well’. Please note that even as it goes live, events may be added or canceled.

Also note that you have to have a confirmed membership to sign up for games. There is now a notice at the top of the scheduling page (https://gamestorm.org/schedule) That will tell you if you have a confirmed membership. If your membership does not show as confirmed, please contact signups@gamestorm.org. This is especially common for secondary accounts such as children or spouses who purchased memberships together.


As we stated before, we now have an online option for merchandise which can be found at https://gamestorm.creator-spring.com/. This includes socks, coffee mugs, hoodies, and more. We will still have some unique onsite items such as the T-shirts from the Con That Didn’t Happen, battery packs, and a few things from previous years. These items will be available at the Chronos Games booth in our Vendor Hall.

Food Truck:

As a reminder, the Mak Shack will be coming with their creamy macaroni and cheese goodness. Look for more information on what they will be serving soon. Please remember that this is still outside food so cannot be taken into function space, but you can take this to Glisan or to your room to enjoy. GameStorm will have a donations accepted Drink service available directly across the hall from it.

We look forward to seeing you at the Convention! Get your hotel room and stay with us all weekend and hopefully we will see you online on Tuesday night for Player signups!

-GameStorm 22 Chair