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Plans for GameStorm 2018

Our tenth anniversary is in 2018, and we want to plan something pretty big, including bringing in a guest game designer from Europe who has expressed some interest in us.  Plans cost money, so if you have access to possible benefactors or sponsorships, please let us know!

Recap of Game Lab at GameStorm 2017 – 4/30/17

First, always, thanks to my incredible volunteer staff who continue to make Game Lab a positive, upbeat, fun, welcoming and working laboratory for designers who are wise enough to hear honest feedback.

And real thanks to the designers who come to Game Lab with the intention of improving their skills.

Overall, Game Lab ran over 100 play tests in 2017, with over 40 game designers participating. Over 400 seats were filled by play testers and game masters. While this doesn’t mean 400 different people came through Game Lab, we estimate that 250 individuals played or ran at least one game in Game Lab 2017.

Reports from players and designers was overwhelmingly positive, except for the occasional lack of open seats waiting for playtesters. We were successful at opening new tables when need demanded, but there were some limits to that as discussed below.

We only gave out 83 prizes, with 10 more tickets remaining unclaimed on Sunday. This is down from over 100 prizes in previous years. However, this year we did not inventory prizes given to kids and “instant winners,” as these prizes are generally worth $2.00 or less.

Panels, planned by our Creative Director Robert LaCosse, were received well and well attended by Game Lab players and designers. Our new program, the Teaching Session, was a success and will be continued.

Sadly, our hopes for chapter one of a game design contest did not go, due to lack of judging staff.

Operationally there were some challenges. While we needed six active game tables, when we arrived on site we were told two of our tables were removed due to fire code restrictions. This would have seriously hurt our ability to meet the increasing demand for prototype games with open seats. Luckily, Men In Black came to our aid and gave us one of their tables to use for all of GameStorm. Our sincere thanks!

Our Suite space was also cut back, due to the quite different size of suites in this hotel compared to our experience at the Vancouver Hilton. Where last year we could entertain 50 people or so comfortably, this year we were bursting at the seams with 35 people in the room for the two receptions we hosted. We will work with hotel staff to plan for how to meet or change our space needs.

At this time, we show that we are about $200 under budget for 2017.

We had some printing and a number of prizes donated, which further brought costs a little lower than in previous years. Thanks to all our sponsors and volunteers for helping keep costs manageable. A special thanks to SunRiver Games for their donation of nearly $500 worth of prizes and supplies.

KC Humphrey
Game Lab Executive Director