Game Lab signups are open for GameStorm 2020.

Click Here for instructions on how to use the GameStorm event registration system to schedule a play test with Game Lab.

We will also have Open Signups at Game Lab for our tables and times that are not pre-scheduled. New signups will be available at (approx) 9 am and 1 pm each day.

Be sure to follow our Facebook page for the most recent updates on Game Lab Oregon events and news.  Consider stopping by our website for links to game design resources, partner organizations, and sweet kickstarters projects.

For general inquires email us at

What is GameLab?

Game Lab is a group of game designers and enthusiasts, who meet at regular intervals throughout the year to exchange ideas and playtest game concepts.

If you’re a seasoned game designer looking for playtesters, a potential client looking for a custom-built system, or just an interested party, feel free to reach out and say hello.