GameStorm 20 Hours

This post will also be linked under the Attend menu and will be updated as hours for various areas get sorted out.

Convention Proper opens Thursday (April 5th) at Noon and runs through Sunday (April 8th) at 5PM.


Thursday: Noon to 8PM
Friday: 8AM to 8PM
Saturday: 8AM to 8PM
Sunday: 8AM to 3PM

Pre-registration for GameStorm 21 will start at 10AM Sunday.

Dealers Hall-

Friday : Noon to 7PM
Saturday: 9AM to 7PM
Sunday: 9AM to 1PM


Thursday: Noon to 7PM
Friday: 9AM to 7PM
Saturday: 9AM to 7PM
Sunday: 9AM to 3PM

6 thoughts on “GameStorm 20 Hours

  1. Zbornin says:

    What are the overall hours of GameStorm 20 (i.e. what time does it start on April 5th and what time does it end on April 8th)?

  2. brodyG says:

    Looks like games/events begin at noon on thurdsday– when is registration/badge pickup?

  3. brodyG says:

    I don’t think you answered the question though. You have registration starting at the same time as a bunch of games. Seems like that is going to be a problem.

    • fargo says:

      Ah, sorry about that. I asked the events team and it seems to boil down to those being the times requested by the game masters running them. Also, registration will be trying to do a soft-open around 11AM, but definitely open by noon.

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