GameStorm Winter Newsletter

GameStorm Winter Newsletter

Hi there, GameStorm fanatics! We have been super quiet lately but now we have information. We wanted to reach out and give you the latest updates on whats going on. Featured in this letter:
• GameStorm Email Issues
• GameStorm Website Update and GameCon Status
• GameStorm Hotel
• Game Day 2023
• GameStorm Social Media
• GameStorm Guests of Honor

GameStorm Email Issues
The mail servers OSFCI and GameStorm have been using for years continue to be blocked by much of the internet as spam servers. As such, we are working to move to new servers for our email needs. If you are having trouble reaching someone, please feel free to contact us at our temporary address, and we will happily direct your communication to the needed people. As we create other temporary addresses, we will provide further details on our website.

GameStorm Website Update and GameCon Status
GameStorm regulars will know that by now we are usually talking about GameCon and the ability to submit games to our scheduling system. Due to staffing and timing issues, we do not have this ready quite yet. However, we are pleased to report that we are moving to a brand-new website and game submission engine and should have more information about both of these very soon. We will send email with updates as they become available.
Please note that if you forget your password and are unable to log into the webpage, you are currently unable to purchase memberships. Once the new site goes live, this functionality will be restored.

GameStorm Hotel
Just a reminder that we still have rooms in our hotel block available. Please visit for more information and follow the link noted on that page (not the one in the header).

Game Day 2023
We have our final Game Day for the 2022-2023 season scheduled for Saturday, January 7th, from 9AM to 9PM at the Holiday Inn (our Con hotel). Come join us for this free event, play games, socialize with your friends, and learn more about GameStorm, including how to help volunteer for future years.

GameStorm Social Media
One thing we are looking to do is interact more with you, our wonderful members, and fans of GameStorm. To that end, we have created both Youtube and TikTok accounts to supplement our Instagram and Facebook presence. What we need from all of you is suggestions of what you would like to see us supply! Live Plays? Reviews? Recorded panels with our staff and special guests? Crazy memes? Please contact us at with your suggestions.

GameStorm Guests of Honor
We know this is horrible way to bury the lead, but we wanted to make sure you read ALL the news. We are happy to announce our first Guests of Honor!!!
Our first GOH is known for games such as After the Virus, Space Station, and a little tiny game called Terraforming Mars (in all of its iterations). GameStorm is happy to welcome the Co-owner of FryxGames, Jacob Fryxelius. We are excited to have him here direct from Sweden!
We also have another first, a duo has agreed to be the Kids Activities Guests of Honor! They have created a color and cut RPG called ‘Color My Quest’. Please welcome the team from Dice Up Games, local game designers Tim and Kristin Devine. We are hoping this unique spin on an RPG will help everyone enjoy this fun and exciting way to play.
We are still working some details out for other special guests and look forward to announcing them soon.

That’s all for right now. As always, please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns and watch our Facebook and website for more information.

Jason Bostick
Gamestorm Support and PR

GameStorm Fall Game Day!

Hello everyone! We’re having a game day!

The fall game day will be Saturday, October 29th, from 9am to 9pm, at the Holiday Inn Portland – Columbia Riverfront. The game library will be on hand, along with lots of table space!

Masks are, as last time, recommended but not mandated.

See you there!

GameStorm Summer Game Day

GameStorm is hosting our first Game Day for the 2022-2023 Season. Please join us August 7th, 2022 at the Holiday Inn, Columbia RiverFront (our primary hotel) from 9AM to 9PM.

A selection from the GameStorm library will be there along with all of your friends with their games. Lets have a great time!

Email System Issues

Please be aware that the email is currently down due to a system issue. We are working as fast as we can to resolve it. If you have any immediate concerns, please contact our PR head, Jason, directly at with ‘GameStorm’ in your subject line so he can route it correctly.

Onsite Memberships!

So after some very careful and precise number crunching, and reviewing all the information we are happy to make the following special announcement: GameStorm will have LIMITED on site signups available starting Thursday at 12PM (1 hour after pre registration pickups begin)!!!

These will be on a first come first serve basis and once these run out, that will be it. This will include extremely limited day passes, as well as full weekend memberships. Prices will be as follows:

4 day Membership: $75.00
Thursday $25
Friday $40
Saturday $40
There will be no day passes available for Sunday at this time.

There are several reasons for this adjustment, but please be assured that your safety and that of everyone at the convention are at the top of our mind, which is why this amount will be extremely limited. And no, we will not be publicizing how many are remaining or are available.

We will communicate with everyone in line so once we know we are out, people are advised.

Vaccination & Mask Update

As we get closer to the convention, we want to make our vaccination and mask policies as clear we can. If you have any concerns, please share them here or contact us directly at

All attendees ages five and up must be either fully vaccinated or show proof of a negative test taken within 48 hours prior of the day you are attending the event.

Fully vaccinated is defined as being 2 weeks past the final shot of your chosen immunization (2 shots for Moderna/Pfizer, 1 shot for Johnson and Johnson)

Proof of vaccination can be provided by a CDC approved Vaccination Card (digital photo or photocopy is ok) that matches the name on the supplied ID. We will also accept Medical Apps that display confirmed status of vaccination, with name matching supplied ID.

Proof of negative test must be a test that is administered by a Health Care official within the 48 hours prior to the day(s) of attendance in order to be valid for the entire convention.

Once you have been confirmed, you will receive a Tyvex wristband which you must have on your wrist at all times. If you are medically unable to wear one, please talk to the staff immediately for alternatives. If yours becomes damaged, please return to the Vaccination table to be confirmed again and receive a new one.

Masks will be optional in most of the convention, including hallways and the main ballroom. Certain rooms will require masks and these must be on prior to entering this space. A worn mask should be over both nose and mouth.In addition, GM/Game runners will have the option of making their table require masks to be worn. If you wish to participate in that event/game, please honor the request of the person operating that event. GM’s will be required to have signage regarding this requirement, which will be available at the Game Library in the main ballroom.

Failure to comply with posted notifications, instructions, or guides will be considered a violation of the OSFCI code of conduct, and can lead to actions up to and including forfiture of membership.

We hope everyone has a happy and safe convention.

February 27th Update

And now for something completely different. Well. Not really, but here is another update on GameStorm to get you all ready. In this update:

Mask Policy and Vaccination Check update
Static Event File
Player Signups
Food Truck Reminder

Mask Policy and Vaccination Check update:

With the changes recently announced by both the CDC and the Oregon Health Authority, we are updating our requirements to be the following:

-We will continue to require vaccination checks or a current and valid Doctor administered Negative COVID test to acquire your membership badge. We are not changing this requirement.

-The hotel wide mask requirements will be lifted. As a convention we will not be requiring masks around the hotel. The hotel will also be matching these requirements. However certain rooms, events, and tables may require masks and GM’s are allowed to require masks for their individual games. Currently the following rooms will require Masks:

  • Creation Station
  • Office/Watch
  • Swag/GameStorm Bucks Redemption
  • Panel Attendees

We will be updating the list of rooms as we know. GM’s who are running tables will be able to post a sign (available at the Game Library as well as the RPG Headquarters) that will denote whether Masks are required or optional.

Static Event File:

Between now and when the player signups go live, we will be updating the list of available events periodically as part of a static file that will be viewable. At this time it does not include Play and Win or D&D/Pathfinder but we are hoping those are coming soon.

Player Signups:

As a reminder, Player signups will go live at 7PM Tuesday March 1st. We will be live on Facebook and streaming as people begin signing up for the games to ensure ‘all goes well’. Please note that even as it goes live, events may be added or canceled.

Also note that you have to have a confirmed membership to sign up for games. There is now a notice at the top of the scheduling page ( That will tell you if you have a confirmed membership. If your membership does not show as confirmed, please contact This is especially common for secondary accounts such as children or spouses who purchased memberships together.


As we stated before, we now have an online option for merchandise which can be found at This includes socks, coffee mugs, hoodies, and more. We will still have some unique onsite items such as the T-shirts from the Con That Didn’t Happen, battery packs, and a few things from previous years. These items will be available at the Chronos Games booth in our Vendor Hall.

Food Truck:

As a reminder, the Mak Shack will be coming with their creamy macaroni and cheese goodness. Look for more information on what they will be serving soon. Please remember that this is still outside food so cannot be taken into function space, but you can take this to Glisan or to your room to enjoy. GameStorm will have a donations accepted Drink service available directly across the hall from it.

We look forward to seeing you at the Convention! Get your hotel room and stay with us all weekend and hopefully we will see you online on Tuesday night for Player signups!

-GameStorm 22 Chair

February 6th Update

We were piling up a list of updates so figured we would go ahead and send another one, along with a few other reminders so you know what is going on with our favorite NW gaming convention.

In this issue:

Membership is closed and more
Hospitality Drink Service and Food Cart
Deadlines for Game Submissions and Player Signups
Mask Requirements
New merchandise

Membership is closed and more
As a reminder to everyone, we have closed our membership window and there will not be any on site membership. If you have doubts to your membership, please contact As we have said before, 99.9% of memberships were successfully rolled over into the new convention.

Registration is scheduled to open at 12:00 Noon on Thursday March 24th. Prior to arriving at registration, all members will need to stop at our vaccination station and have your vaccination card or negative test verified. We are still working out the details of this setup, but we hope to have this open earlier than noon so that everything flows smoothly.

As a reminder, you must be fully vaccinated or have a recent negative PCR Test to attend GameStorm. Fully Vaccinated means you have completed the cycle of your chosen vaccine (2 shots for Moderna/Pfizer, 1 for J&J, or the equivalent if your vaccine was done overseas). At this time it does NOT include the booster shot, but, of course this guideline may change.  We are watching the CDC guidelines and adjusting as needed.

Hospitality/Drink Service and Food Cart
To help minimize contact points and to save our staff stress, GameStorm is not providing a food based Hospitality. Instead, we will be providing a drink service, which will include coffee, hot water and soda. This will be located in room 106, the same room that hospitality has been using. The hours for

Drink service will be:
– Thursday 12 Noon until Midnight
– Friday-Saturday 7AM Until Midnight
– Sunday 7AM until 2PM

In addition, Glisan will be available as a lounge for those who wish to drink their beverage. We do ask that if you are not actively drinking to please continue to wear your mask however.

We have also enlisted local food truck Mac Shak ( to be onsite Friday and Saturday afternoons offering a specialized menu of items. You will be welcome to take these to your room, or enjoy in the lounge (however we do ask that you fully clean up after yourself and minimize your time here). This food is still not allowed in other function space. The Menu is still being finalized but it should compliment the other food from the hotel, and even offer some Gluten Free options.

Deadline for Game Submissions
As we get closer to the convention, there are some key dates for people who want to submit or play games should be aware of.

First off, we will stop accepting game submissions on February 18th at midnight. That means if you want to have your game listed as one to be played, you will want to get it in before then so it can be scheduled.

Next is player signups. This is the date we open the gates and allow all the players to come in and start signing up. This date will be March 1st at 7pm and will run concurrently with a live Facebook chat so I will be present for any questions or issues.

Player signups will continue until March 12th, at which time player signups will be closed so that we can print out all of the signup sheets and have them organized and ready to layout on site.

Mask Requirements
In addition to the previously listed Vaccination requirements, All members will be required to be fully masked while in indoor public spaces and all function space. All staff will be helping to ensure everyone is compliant and violations will be considered on a case by case basis. Please note that failure to comply with this is considered a violation of the OSFCI Code of Conduct and can result in action up to and including exclusion from this and other OSFCI events. Currently we are requiring a mask that fully covers your nose and mouth.

Based on current guidance, the following masks will not be allowed:
– Neck Gaiters/Bandanas
– Masks with Vents
– Face Shields

At this time, we are still allowing Cloth masks. Please email us prior to the convention if you have any questions. As with everything relating to COVID protocols, this could change at any time. We thank you for your understanding and flexibility.-

New Merchandise
In addition to the shirts for the Con that wasn’t and our Battery packs (on sale onsite via Chronos Games and Gifts), we have opened up an online print-on-demand shop as a test run for some merchandise featuring our logo and some of our favorite characters. Please visit and check it out. Note that this store is very much in flux and products could be added or removed at any time. This is a prototype for potential long-term sales for GameStorm products so watch for changes!

We still have need for several staff and volunteers, especially around our Vaccination check stations, Game Library, and other setups. If you are interested in helping out, please let us know by contacting

This was a long message, but there is a lot of information to share. We are very excited for our event and look forward to seeing many of you there.

Thanks again,

-Jason and the entire GameStorm Team

GameStorm Updates

In this update:

  • GameDay Canceled
  • Registration Cutoff/At Convention membership
  • Vaccination and mask requirements
  • Last day for submitting events

Game Day Canceled
The Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on the scheduling of events. As of this writing, at least 4 January events have been canceled, including the New York Toy Show. The Omicron variant is running extremely strong and right now we are at the peak of its strength.

With this in mind, and in looking out for everyone’s safety, we have chosen to cancel the January 20th Game Day and focus all of our attention on making GameStorm the best event we can make of it. We apologize for those of you who had made plans to attend. We strongly encourage you to game at home and share your gaming with #GameStormathome and #GS22 on twitter and Facebook and make sure to mention us. We look forward to sharing your images.

Registration Cutoff/At Convention membership
In addition to this, and to keep the membership strong, we have decided to cut off Memberships. On February 1st, memberships will no longer be purchasable for GameStorm 22, and there will be no in-person purchases available.

We understand that many of you still operate with Cash and only pay in person, and this is a decision we have not made lightly, but in order to control crowds and minimize contacts, we feel this is the best answer.

Vaccinations and mask requirements
As of the time of writing, the following requirements will be followed for admission to GameStorm

  • All attendees ages five and up must be either fully vaccinated or show proof of a negative test ran within 48 hours of the day you are attending the event.
    • Fully vaccinated is defined as being 2 weeks past the final shot of your chosen immunization (2 shots for Moderna/Pfizer, 1 shot for Johnson and Johnson)
    • Proof of negative test must be a test that is administered by a Health Care official within the 48 hours prior to the day(s) of attendance in order to be valid for the entire convention.
      Masks will be required at all times In all function space except when eating food in Glisan. The hotel additionally requires masks to be worn at all times throughout the hotel except when eating or drinking. Failure to properly wear your mask can result in removal of membership privileges.

Last day for submitting events
Our online schedule is looking pretty good, but we still have a lot more room for events. The last day to get an event submitted and be available for players to signup will be Sunday, February 13th at 12AM. This will allow our scheduling team to assign tables as needed.

We know these are some big changes, and we appreciate everyone working with us to make the convention as safe as possible. We’re looking forward to amazing convention. Please get yourself a room at the hotel and come join us for a fun filled event. As always if you have any questions or concerns, please contact (responses directly to this message get filtered and your response can be delayed.)

-GameStorm 22 Chair

Winter Newsletter

GameStorm Winter Newsletter.

First off, we apologize for the delays. Normally this update would have sent this shortly after Thanksgiving, but life has been crazy and GameStorm has only been a portion of that! But rest assured, we are still moving forward, and this weekend finds us with a large amount of updates to share.

In This episode:

· Covid Response Plans

· Game Submissions are Live!

· Hotel Block Link

· Membership Pricing Schedule and Rollover Status

· Game Day

Covid-19 Response Plan

The most common questions people are asking us revolve around our responses and requirements for vaccinations or testing. While we would love to give you a solid 100% answer right now, we can’t.

We know that the requirements and limitations are changing on an almost-daily basis, and we as a group want to make sure the event is as safe as possible. Right now, our current intention is to make a final decision sometime around January 22nd. This will be about 2 months before the convention and will give us the best insight as to where things should be while still giving everyone a chance to respond as needed. Hopefully nothing drastic changes after that point, but from there we will be ready.

Game Submissions

Great news! After some hard work and long hours from our technical team, GameCon, The Game Submission System, is live and ready to accept games. If you are interested in running a game, this is when you would go ahead and submit your game requests. Please be as detailed as possible including preferred times and table needs. Please note that due to increased distancing we likely will not have quite as many tables as previous years but will do our best to accommodate everyone’s requests while still leaving plenty of tables for open play.

To submit your game, please go to: and make sure you are signed in with your GameStorm login information. If you have any issues with this login, please contact and they will work to assist you.

As soon as we have tables ready to schedule and the games are scheduled, we will open for Player Signups. Watch for more updates on this near the end of January.

Hotel Link

As we have previously announced, as of January 1st the hotel will be changing names to the Holiday Inn on the River-Jantzen Beach. As part of this change, the link to reserve hotel rooms has moved. Please visit the following link to reserve your room if you have not already:,%20Portland,%20OR,%20US&srb_u=1

Make sure to adjust the dates to the ones you wish to be staying as the new site does not automatically default to our dates (we are working on this). This will be the best price you can get for a hotel during the convention so you can continue to game all weekend (and having a room gives you a great place to relax socially away from others, enjoy a meal, and more).

Membership Pricing Schedule and Rollover

As we move on through the year, this is just a reminder that the price of GameStorm memberships will go up again on December 31st to $70.00 and will remain there until March 12th, which will be the last day you can purchase before buying at the convention.

If you have not yet confirmed your rolled-over membership, please note that unless you have asked for a refund, you have a 98% chance of being already moved over; however, please contact to verify your status. We are working within our system to send out an email to everyone, but this has not been as easy as we had hoped.

Game Day

That’s right! We are going to squeeze in one more Game Day! This Will be January 22nd from 9AM-9PM at the hotel. As with all Game Days, these are free to attend and bring your friends. Come check out some new games or bring one of your favorites to show off.

For this Game Day, Masks will be required at all times while in the event space. If you have a drink, you may quickly remove it to take a drink, but please replace mask quickly between drinks. If you wish to eat, we encourage you to step out of the event space to have a bite to eat then return.

Our last Game Day was nicely spaced out with plenty of room between tables and we expect the same for this one.

Thank you all for your continued patience and support of GameStorm. We are just a group of volunteers getting together to have a good time with our friends doing something we enjoy. The past 2 years have been a rough one, but it is getting better and all of you help keep us going.


-GameStorm 22 Chair.