Onsite Memberships!

So after some very careful and precise number crunching, and reviewing all the information we are happy to make the following special announcement: GameStorm will have LIMITED on site signups available starting Thursday at 12PM (1 hour after pre registration pickups begin)!!!

These will be on a first come first serve basis and once these run out, that will be it. This will include extremely limited day passes, as well as full weekend memberships. Prices will be as follows:

4 day Membership: $75.00
Thursday $25
Friday $40
Saturday $40
There will be no day passes available for Sunday at this time.

There are several reasons for this adjustment, but please be assured that your safety and that of everyone at the convention are at the top of our mind, which is why this amount will be extremely limited. And no, we will not be publicizing how many are remaining or are available.

We will communicate with everyone in line so once we know we are out, people are advised.