Game Master(s): Timothy V Eisner Butzen
Duration:1 1/2 hours
Player Max:4
Signed up:0
Track(s):Board Games
Event Type:Game
Experience Level:Beginner
Age group:Over 12

After the hot sun of summer the nights are cooling and the trees are alive with color. The winds of autumn shake the leaves from the trees and they build up on the forest floor creating a dazzling pattern of shapes and colors.

In the game Leaf, players take on the roll of a forest animal. They will help guide the leaves to the forest floor and arrange them connected to other leaves. By connecting to other leaf shapes players gain the resources of Wind, Mushrooms, Sun, Bark, and Acorns. Players will use these resources to free more leaves, grow dens for the winter, learn new skills, and attract animal helpers. The player who contributes most to the forests overall health wins.

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