Junk Yard Go Karts

Start Time: Saturday 12:30 PM
Location:Grand Ballroom C 11
Game Master(s): Jason Harris
Game System:Trick Taking/Drafting/Set collection
Duration:1 hour
Player Max:4
Signed up:1
Track(s):Game Lab
Event Type:Play Test
Experience Level:Beginner
Age group:All Ages

Junk Yard Go Karts is a trick-taking game with a twist. Players will be racing to be the first to finish building their Go Kart. To do this they will play a series of tricks. After each trick, each player will draft one card from the trick. The goal is to collect pairs then discard those pairs to gain parts for your Go Kart. The decision lies in which card to play and when. Do you play a card to a trick that you want to draft or do you play a high card that can win a trick which will allow you to draft a card from the trick before anyone else? The choice is yours and each option might be optimum depending on the situation.

Win a trick? Draft a card from that trick first. Have a pair? Discard it for the associated part. Already have the part? Visit the Junk Yard to find what you need. First player to finish building their go kart wins!