Start Time: Friday 4:30 PM
Location:West Wing 3 R
Game Master(s): Aaron Jensen
Duration:1 hour
Player Max:5
Signed up:2
Track(s):Board Games
Event Type:Game
Experience Level:Beginner
Age group:All Ages

In the game, you compete with other players for the title of The Creator of Myraclia. You are trying to get limited and chaotically emerging elements and sources of life. These are represented by glittering cubes in 7 colors in uneven numbers. You have to get them, organize them correctly, possibly replace them with the other player's elements, and ..... a miracle! The desolate and inhospitable part of Myraclia changes into a beautiful cradle of life.

The Myraclia surface is divided into hexagonal tiles. One side of the tile represents the original look of Myraclia, before the transformation, without life, the other side of the terraformed appearance, the new beautiful face of Myraclia full of greenery. There are 4 types of surfaces, namely plains, forests, water areas, and mountains.

The game takes place in rounds, divided into two basic phases.

In the first – drafting phase – players alternate in the specified order and select one element (cube) from the drafting board to help them transform (re-shape) a part of the planet in the next phase. But remember. Not the same resources are available in each round. Those elements, which were abundant in the last round and nobody wanted them, can now be scarce and desirable. And vice versa. The price for gaining a rare element is great. Speed - and sometimes greed – during elements selection determine the player order for an important second phase.

In the second phase - the terraformation - the players, according to the order set in the first phase, turn the individual deserted parts of the planet into Myraclia full of life. They discard the elements displayed on the Myraclia tile and turn it to a terraformed side. In most parts, they instantly earn points and/or a bonus in the form of the free released element. A released element can be used immediately. Order is key, but the first position does not necessarily mean an absolute advantage. If you were greedy in the first phase or you have chosen the wrong combination of elements, other players in turn could exchange their elements for your unused elements. The reward for the conversion of Myraclia is, in addition to the points, also the right to reveal new parts of the planet (by choosing new Myraclia tiles from the offer).