RPG MadLibs

Start Time: Saturday 9:00 PM
Location:Suite 206
Panelist(s): Karen Black
Moderator(s): Robert Plamondon
Duration:1 hour
Player Max:25
Signed up:1
Track(s):Creation Station
Event Type:Game
Experience Level:Beginner
Age group:All Ages

[Verb] your [body part] off with these [superlative] Anime MadLibs! [Adjective] co-moderators Robert Plamondon, Karen Black, and Dan Plamondon will have you [verbing] in the aisles. Help create an [adjective] Magical Girl RPG story, an [adverbly] exciting Mecha RPG story, and more. lNo actual mastery of [pejorative] English Grammar is necessary for an [adverbly] good time!