Battlestar Galactica 4 Destination Game

Start Time: Friday 7:00 PM
Location:Grand Ballroom S-12
Game Master(s): David Peterson
Game System:Battlestar Galactica
Duration:5 hours
Player Max:7
Signed up:8
Track(s):Board Games
Event Type:Game
Experience Level:Familiar
Age group:Over 21

Based on the SYFY series, BSG is a Cooperative game with a traitor mechanic.

Can you get through the 4 seasons of BSG before the Cylons can stop you?
This is a fan based scenerio where all 4 destinations will be used.

Custom rules on how it works which will be explained before.

Knowledge of at least the base game is required, knowledge of at least one expansion would be perfered.

Will teach expansions and the scenerio flow