Diesel Empire: Fall of the Elven Lands

Start Time: Friday 2:00 PM
Location:Timberline 10
Game Master(s): Jefferson Lee
Game System:Diesel Empire
Duration:4 hours
Player Max:5
Signed up:5
Track(s):Role Playing (RPG)
Event Type:Game
Experience Level:Beginner
Age group:Over 18

ACTION THRILLER/FANTASY. 22-1982. With the fall of the Golden King of the High Elves, the Silohain is burning: the High Elf lands have collapsed into brutal civil war, while North Kingdom missiles rain down on the forests of the Sylvan Elves, and Orc raiders terrorize the fleeing refugees.

Amidst these atrocities, Bonethorne Port and the Southern Kingdoms create an Alliance to send aid to a reluctant Silohain. The elves are especially resentful that Bonethorne is sending troops to help: the Elven Nations have spent the last four hundred years trying to smother the young nation, and having Bonethorne soldiers on elven lands is an affront almost too terrible to bear.

As a member of the elite Long Knives of Bonethorne Port, you are tasked with protecting the surviving members of the royal family and elven cultural elites. You are guarding the heart of the Elven Nations.

The Southern Kingdoms have established a Forward Operating Base in the elven city of Tienndore, where almost a million elves are waiting for evacuation. From that desperate million, your team must find your list of elves and get them to safety before vengeful elven zealots and North Kingdom assassins burn the city to the ground.

DIESEL EMPIRE is a rules-light, story focused RPG that is played with a deck of Poker cards. The rules will be taught and characters will be created at the game, but the rule book will be available at http://uptoolategames.com/diesel-empire.