Diesel Empire: A Fist Full of Gilders

Start Time: Saturday 9:00 AM
Location:Timberline 03
Game Master(s): Jefferson Lee
Game System:Diesel Empire
Duration:4 hours
Player Max:5
Signed up:8
Track(s):Role Playing (RPG)
Event Type:Game
Experience Level:Beginner
Age group:Over 18

SPAGHETTI WESTERN/FANTASY. 22-1890. You and your band of mercenaries have helped the Frontier Kingdoms make their final stand against the Southern Kingdoms for the last decade.

Your life has been a cycle of wild nights fueled by whiskey and gambling, followed by long firefights and rivers of blood.

At the tailing end of this civil war not only are you still broke, but you are also on the losing side. It's time to get out before you lose everything to this endless civil war.

Lucky for you, you ended up at Yels Crossing, where an old family feud has exploded into open war, trapping a train full of gold ingots and weapons at the Frontier Kingdom Armory. While local militias begin to draw battle lines, Frontier Kingdom soldiers hold on for reinforcements, as Southern Kingdom soldiers begin their march towards the town.

It's a four-way fight for a pile of gold, and everyone is nervous and desperate, which is just perfect for you and your crew.

There's no turning back now: Yels Crossing will be your grave, or the second chance you were all looking for.

DIESEL EMPIRE is a rules-light, story focused RPG that is played with a deck of Poker cards. The rules will be taught and characters will be created at the game, but the rule book will be available at http://uptoolategames.com/diesel-empire.