Chronicles Of The Coast Presents: Tomb of Horrors

Start Time: Saturday 2:00 PM
Location:Jantzen 01
Coordinator(s): Ron Steinhauser
Game System:D&D 5E
Duration:5 hours
Player Max:6
Signed up:6
Track(s):Role Playing (RPG)
Event Type:Game
Experience Level:Beginner
Age group:All Ages

The Tomb of Horror has a reputation for being the end of many brave heroes. The traps and of this game have been restored to original Gary Gygax lethality.
Pre-generated characters are available. The Dungeon Master asks that you have not played Tomb of Horrors before to give players an authentic tournament style experience.
Please note that the Tomb of Horrors is a thinking dungeon. If you prefer to hack and slash your way to victory this may not be the event for you, yet should you be prepared to test your dungeoneer skills against Acererak the Eternal and his Tomb of Horrors, answer this call to adventure.
Adventure League legal.

NOTE: This will be a live podcast.