"Want to Play a Game" Teaching other people to play

Start Time: Friday 12:00 PM
Panelist(s): Dave Howell
Duration:1 hour
Player Max:20
Signed up:7
Event Type:Panel
Experience Level:Beginner
Age group:All Ages

How many times have you sat down to learn a new game? How many times has somebody flipped back and forth through the rule book, trying to figure out the answer to a player question? How many times have you listened to two 'teachers' argue some wildly obscure point that didn't even come up during play? How many times have you sat thinking "can we just start _playing_ already?" while listening to "unless you want to go up, which you might want to do if you have extra gold, unless you're collecting the brown ones. But most people dont. So, say you're going up..."
How many times have you done those things yourself?
This workshop will help you teach other people to play games. Learn what NOT to tell people, why the rulebook's usually a very bad guide to teaching a game, why you start at the end, and other ways of making sure that you're not ruining a good game with a bad explanation.

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