Artemis 101

Start Time: Friday 7:00 PM
Location:Suite 266
Game Master(s): Benjamin Venable, Josh Hawley
Game System:PC/Android/Apple
Duration:1 1/2 hours
Player Max:6
Signed up:6
Track(s):Console Gaming
Event Type:Game
Experience Level:Beginner
Age group:Over 12

Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator is a cooperative computer game for 6+ players. Each crewperson takes a different role, and works as part of a team to defend a sector of space from invading alien attackers. All game materials are provided for the first 5 players only. After the initial crew is trained, slots for additional players/ships may open, but additional players (after the first 5) must bring their own laptop. (Software will be provided.) Not compatible with Android or iDevice apps.