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  1. dalembraun says:

    I’m a bit disappointed that the team sent messages out saying on-line signups won’t be until Sun at noon, and then announce three days early on Thursday that signups are available. While that’s great for those who happened to be checking gamestorm.org every day, I had set a reminder for Sunday… not earlier. I happened to be looking up something in the schedule on Saturday night, and I find that most games are full.

    The only reason I’m not too upset is that due to a low gamemaster turnout, there’s not an abundance of games like there have been in previous years, so there weren’t many games I was interested in as a player (and not a host). I am staying at the Hilton for the full con, I am hosting 26 hours worth of games, and I’m looking forward to seeing all the new and old games (I love to lurk to see how the game plays). The rest of the gaming fun-ness definitely overshadows the disappointment in not being able to be a player.

    Might I make a suggestion? I know you’re already printing programs, and the main schedule is already set in print… but is there a way (especially with the low turnout of games) to allow us to submit more games to host, and have them be available for at-con-only signups, or for later online signups? The signup sheets could be included on the same tables as the online signed-up games.

    Now that I have a couple of completely empty afternoons at the con, since I left those hours open for game signups, I could bring more games or even host more sessions of the games I am already going to run that also have filled up (thank you to all you sign-ups!).

    While I know that there is a mechanism for grabbing an open table, setting out a cone and hoping someone will pass by with an interest in playing, I’d prefer to know there already IS an interest in playing a specific game, and how many are interested, so I can be prepared at a certain time in a specific place to give my fellow players a great experience. I’d hate to take 10-20 minutes setting up a game, and then just sit there due to lack of interest, and then take just as long to pack it all in again. I was the dance-less geek too many times in high school… and even 35 years later, it haunts me… it haunts me.

    I would love to hear feedback on this.

    Thanks so much!

  2. fargo says:

    I was honestly confused, at first, by your comment, because as far as I know the signup system didn’t go live until Sunday, then I saw the date of this post.

    I think I goofed as to when this was posted, because I’m still pretty sure signups didn’t open until Sunday. Sorry for the confusion from my error.

  3. Phoenix says:

    Yes, signups opened on Sunday the 21st as previously announced. This post, 4 days later, was a reminder that they were open, and that pre-registration would be closing on the 29th. SO no, Fargo, you did not make an error.

  4. fargo says:

    Oh! Ok. Man, I must be tired.

  5. dalembraun says:

    Oh, man, egg on my face!! I stand corrected; sign-ups were advertised for Feb 21st, and I not only misread the posting, I mis-reminded myself. Please accept my apologies.

    …how about the suggestion, though?

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