Site was attacked/hacked

Hello everyone. I’m afraid some malicious people hacked the gamestorm site’s database, deleting it in order to attempt to extort the organization for money.

I’ve been able to restore a backup from March, so things are a little weird right now. The good news is that we retain very little personal data, really very little beyond name and email address.

In any case, please bear with us while I sort things out.

Thanks for you patience.

2 thoughts on “Site was attacked/hacked

  1. Minion says:

    Hello, when will it be safe to purchase tickets? Will this affect ticket pricing?

    Thank you

    • fargo says:

      It’s safe now to buy memberships. We don’t handle any financial data, that all happens when you proceed to PayPal during checkout. Prices won’t be altered as far as I know. If you have any other questions feel free to comment here or email us via webmaster@.

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