What is a volunteer?

For our convention, that is a term we use for two things. No one who works at the convention is paid, so everyone who works is a volunteer, but that isn’t what you are reading this for. The other way we use that word is for people who volunteer time at the convention that are not staff, and are not convention committee. We like these people.

 What is staff?

A staff person at our convention is someone who works scheduled time at our convention. Currently this means working 12 hours at least or have preset duties. We like these people.

 What is the convention committee?

We call the convention committee the concom. To their faces. These are the people that are in charge of something. We really like these people, but that may be kind of narcissistic, because this is written by one of these people.

How do I become a volunteer/staff?

To volunteer your help while attending the convention, just swing by Info Desk and they’ll set everything up. To talk to us about staffing, or ask any questions, use the form below.