PDFs of the event schedules for your perusing pleasure!

In the interest of conserving paper, we offer to you the Game Grids, available for download and digital perusal!


Friday, 7am – 6 pm

Friday, 6 pm – 3 am

Saturday, 7 am – 5 pm

Saturday, 5 pm – 3 am


Pre-Registration has NOT closed

The time for buying advance memberships has ended, so we can get all the badges printed and sorted. However, you can still buy a membership at the convention. Details on pricing here.

Thanks everyone!

I seem to have misunderstood some instructions. Sorry everyone! I’ve reopened registration and won’t close it again until tomorrow morning. Hopefully that gives everyone a last chance to get in the door, as it were.

Room Block Reminder

Just wanted to let everyone know that the room block will be closing March 9th. After that your reservation won’t be able to take advantage of the special GameStorm rate. So hop over to the Red Lion page and make your reservation!