Winter Newsletter

GameStorm Winter Update

Hello fans of GameStorm!

As we move towards the end of the year, and you work to find that perfect holiday game to give to everyone, we have some exciting GameStorm News to share. Lets get right into it.

Game Submissions Live Saturday Evening!

You have read that correctly. Game Submissions for GameStorm will go live on Saturday, December 7th at 5PM. People who are interested in running games that other members can sign up to play (coming later) can go to and begin entering their games. We will be using the same submission system as we have in previous years so you should be familiar with it. If you have any questions on entering an event, please contact If you are having issues with logging into the systems, please contact

Note that some groups do separate submissions of events (LARP for example) so please coordinate with our events team if you have any concerns.

Guests of Honor!

We are happy to have our first two Guests of Honor.

Our Board Gaming GOH will be Peter Olotka. A game designer since the early 70’s, some of Peter’s biggest known credits include Cosmic Encounters, and Dune (both the original and updated version). His history with gaming and his unique perspectives will be a welcome addition to GameStorm and we look forward to having him here.

For our Writer and Role-Playing Guest, we are happy to welcome Keith Baker. Keith is a well-known local Game Designer, and his work on creating the Ebberon world for both DnD 3.5 and the recent update to 5th Edition are exciting! Keith also has several other design credits including his other universe, Phoenix: Dawn Command. With this and all of his other work, we are happy to have this Pacific Northwest native join us.

Game Day!

Our Next Game Day will be January 4th from 9am-9pm in the downstairs ballrooms. As always, we will have a large selection of the GameStorm Library there, plus all of you helping us show off just how great gaming is with friends.

Help Needed:

As always we are looking for more help to make sure GameStorm is the type of event you are wanting to enjoy. We are looking for various staff in an assortment of positions including registration. If you are interested in helping our Next Planning Meeting will be at 1pm on December 15th at the Round Table at 6250 SE Foster Rd, Portland or you can contact us at

Final Pre-registration Price Increase coming

Our last price increase for pre-registration will be on December 31st. After that the rate will be $70.00 until pre-registration ends in early March. Pre-register now to get the best price, and ensure you are able to take full advantage of pre-event signups when they go live.

We hope you enjoy these regular updates. We should be doing another live chat on Facebook very soon. Please make sure you follow us on all of our social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube)

See you all soon


-GameStorm 22 Chair

Fall Newsletter

GenCon is over, Essen is on the horizon, and gaming news continues. GameStorm is no exception. We continue to move on in planning and have some updates for you as well as reminders of other ways to get updates from us!

In this newsletter:

  • Upcoming Game Day Sept 29th
  • Scheduling System Volunteers Requested
  • Hotel Status
  • Price Structure
  • Other Conventions we are attending
  • Next Meeting
  • Other ways to get updates

-Upcoming Game Day- Sept 29th

I wanted to remind everyone that we have a Game Day Scheduled for THIS Sunday, September 29th at the Red Lion on the River (Convention Hotel)! This has been moved forward from the originally-planned October date to ensure we could get the space we need for everyone to enjoy the day. A sampling of the Game Library will be there as well as some people showing off their game designs – and of course everyone is welcome to bring a favorite to share. Come join us and have a great time.

We will be there from 9AM-9PM (approximately)

Scheduling System Volunteers Requested

As some of you will have heard, we are working on a major upgrade to the GameCon software, which has been used by GameStorm for event scheduling for the past several years.

We are looking for help with these upgrades. If you have some (or all!) of the skills needed for the following tasks, and would like to earn a staff membership while helping to improve everyone’s online experience, please send email to with a description of your applicable background.

  1. Updating the existing back end to work with the current versions of Python 3 and Django. Ideally I’d like to do this in a pair (or group) programming setting, at least to get started.
  2. Refactoring parts of the existing code base to make it more efficient.
  3. Setting up the communication between server side database and client. The current design has all data on the server side, which is the reason it runs so slowly. Some work has been done on developing the rest framework, but there’s definitely more to be done.
    The current database is entirely in Django. I’d prefer to keep it that way, but if someone with the expertise wants to use a different method, I’m open to suggestion.
  4. Designing the new client side interface. This will include putting together CSS to be accessed in the webpages.
  5. Writing the HTML and JavaScript code for said pages. The dynamic schedule display will use AG-Grid (, so we’ll need someone conversant with (or willing to pick up) one of the supported frameworks.

Hotel Status

The Hotel continues to fill up. If you are looking to stay on-site at the hotel, we urge you to book your rooms soon to ensure you are able to get the best rate. To lock in this rate, visit for more details including room locations.

In addition, the Hotel has decided to do some remodeling, and as such the Restaurant and Bar are being closed to make more function space.  This will allow us to utilize this space for more events, but it does come at a cost as they are removing the room that previously housed Video Gaming (Presented by Kumoricon) as well as the Coffee bar area (where Registration has been held), Please stay tuned for updates as we work on new layouts for these new areas.

-Price Structure

Our current price of $55.00 for an adult membership is still the best value, and we will have that price in place until October 27th. If you want to save money and enjoy the full four days of our event, please login and purchase your memberships now!

Other Events we are attending

In addition to our Game Days, we do attend several other events. If you are going to these and want to get your game on, please be sure to come see us!

You can find us at the following events Through the end of 2019:

OryCon November 8th-10th

Kumoricon November 15th-17th

If you know of an event who might be interested in having GameStorm present a library and would like to discuss it with us, please contact

Next Meeting

We are always looking for more help to assist in various functions at GameStorm. If you want to help out, please feel free to join us at our next meeting on October 20th, 2019 at the Red Lion on the River (The Convention Hotel)

-Other ways to get information

While our Newsletter gives a great compressed view of updates, we do provide regular updates via our FaceBook group (@gamestormcon). We do attempt to include all of these updates on our webpage ( as well as twitter (@gamestormcon).

The best way to get immediate updates is to watch for our live and recorded video segments on Youtube and FaceBook. Make sure to follow one or both of these as we work to provide regular updates and statuses of everything that is going on.

That’s all for now, but please feel free to reach out to us at or if you have any questions.


-GameStorm 22 Chair and Public Relations

Fall Game Day!

Greeting Gamers!

We are quickly approaching our next Game Day. In just five days, we will once upon descend upon Red Lion with our many games to enjoy.

When: September 29th9:00am to 9:00pm

Where: Red Lion Hotel on the River, Jantzen Beach

Perks for Game Day include access to a limited (but still vast) selection of our Game Library, membership discounts, on-site membership purchases, and countless new friends to make. Come and enjoy the day with us!

I forgot to mention. This is a Free Event! Come one, come all.

Membership Price Schedule

We have updated when the prices will change as follows.

May 13th – July 28th: $45
July 29th – October 27th: $55
October 28th – December 31st: $65
January 1st (2020) till end of Pre-Registration: $70

Full Weekend Prices
Adults and children 15-17 : $80

Sorry for the downtime

A communication breakdown caused us to be late renewing the domain. As you can see it has since been taken care of. Sorry for any inconvenience.

In other news, I realized that I should mention that there don’t appear to be any lingering security issues, and that we never handle your financial information, that’s why you get sent to PayPal to actually pay for memberships.

Thanks for your patience!