GameStorm 16 LARP Guests of Honor

LARP Guests of Honor

David Coronado has been playing in and running LARPs for over 20 years. He’s been playing RPGs since his first D&D game at the Boy Scout Jamboree in 1981. He honed his roleplaying skills while in the Navy where in his off-duty time, he routinely carried dice and character sheets so as to be ready for a game at a moment’s notice.  When he left the service, he went to college and often chose courses based on how useful they would be in writing and running games. In addition to Theatre Arcanos, David is the head Storyteller for an online World of Darkness game, a father of three, and a letter carrier for the USPS.

theatre arcanos logoMichelle McNeill is a second generation gamer who practically learned to read playing D&D. She ran her first LARP at LosCon in 1989, talking fellow attendees into playing a pickup D&D game while wearing togas made from hotel bedsheets. She’s been a Storyteller for several ongoing WOD LARPs, helps David run their online WOD game, and does the bulk of the pre-game writing, design, layout, and logistics for Theatre Arcanos. Michelle is mother to a distressingly precocious homeschooled 9 year old, and stepmother to 23 year old twins. Her current non-gaming hobbies include homestead gardening, cooking, beekeeping, and herding cats.

Matt Branstad has been playing and running RPGs since he was in 7th grade. He started LARPing in 1996 and quickly discovered that it was his preferred style of gaming. He has played in innumerable one-shots and over a dozen ongoing LARPs. Currently, he is employed by a government agency that he would rather not disclose. His hobbies include experimenting with extreme bachelor cooking, running conventions, and making lists.

Theatre Arcanos has run games at BayCon, Renovation, Big Bad Con, DunDraCon, Convolution, Westercon, and Reed College. They appeared as Special Guests and ran two games at GameStorm 2012, and again in 2013. They are absolutely thrilled and flattered to be Guests of Honor this year.

GameStorm 16 Boardgame Guest of Honor

mikeselinkerWe are excited to announce that Mike Selinker will be our boardgame guest of honor for GameStorm 16.  He is the president of Lone Shark Games, a game and puzzle design studio in Seattle.

He was a former creative director and lead designer at Wizards of the Coast, Mike worked on 3rd edition Dungeons & Dragons, Axis & Allies, Risk Godstorm, and many trading card and board games. Since founding Lone Shark Games, he’s designed or co-designed Unspeakable Words, Pirates of the Spanish Main, Lords of Vegas, and the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, among many other games. His puzzles have appeared in the New York Times, Games, the Chicago Tribune, and Wired, and he is the author of several books including the how-to book Puzzlecraft and the upcoming puzzle novel The Maze of Games.

GameStorm 16 Publisher Guest of Honor


Zev Shlasinger will be our publisher guest of honor for GameStorm 16.

Zev Shlasinger started Z-Man Games in 1999 to bring back his favorite CCG, Shadowfist. With the success of that relaunch he started publishing card games and soon after board games. His goal was to do a mixture of original games and those published in foreign languages. Zev succeeded in this and sold the company in 2011. He still works for Z-Man in the capacity of finding and developing games and going to shows, like GameStorm.

GameStorm 16 RPG Guest of Honor


We are pround to announce Shane Hensley as our RPG guest of honor for GameStorm 16.

Shane Hensley started writing for West End Games’ Torg line in 1992, then went on to work on everything from role-playing games to computer games, novels, collectible card games, and miniature games. An extensive list of Shane’s projects can be found at Pinnacle Entertainment Group’s official website. He’s particularly proud of his early freelance work on TSR’s Ravenloft and Dark Sun.

These days, Shane is best known for creating Deadlands: the Weird West and the Savage Worlds RPG system. He was also a lead designer on City of Heroes / City of Villains and later an Executive Producer on several large titles such as End of Nations and Neverwinter.

Shane lives in Chandler, Arizona, where he loves to run in the hottest part of the day (some say he’s part-lizard) and play games with his beautiful wife Michelle and their two sons, Caden and Ronan.