Winter Game Day!

Attention gamers! Did you know our next Game Day is this Sunday!? This will be the last one before GameStorm 21 is here. As always, Game Day is a FREE event where a selection of our Game Library will be made available.

When: January 20th, Sunday – 9:00am to 9:00pm

Where: Red Lion Hotel on the River, Jantzen Beach

You can purchase your memberships at the Game Day, too. As an added incentive (boardgames not enough of one?), discount coupons will be offered to attendees.

GameStorm 19

GameStorm 18 was a great success; now it’s time to share some exciting news about GameStorm 19!

As great as the Hilton was for 8 years, we have outgrown it. I am pleased to announce that GameStorm 19 will be moving back to Portland. It will take place at the Red Lion Hotel on Jantzen Beach, March 30 – April 2.

There’s a lot of work that goes into making GameStorm happen, and we can always use more enthusiastic volunteers. Contact the chair for details.

Memberships are $35 through April 30th. Get yours now at the lowest price!

Buying Memberships at the Convention

misc-gameshow-ticketSo you’ve heard about this GameStorm thing, but see that memberships are listed as Sold Out online. Fear not! They’re listed this way solely because our pre-registration period is over, you can still come buy a membership at the convention and have a great time. Click this line to check out the prices at the door.

Memberships and Events!

misc-gameshow-ticket Pre-registration is closed, but if you missed it you can still get memberships at the convention. For prices check out the Memberships page, about halfway down. Registration opens at noon.


Calendar-icon Also of note is that Event submissions are closed, so now is the time to get in there and sign up for events. To do, head over to the Scheduling System. Terribly sorry for the mistake, apparently we have not activated signups yet. Please stay tuned!

Pre-registration has Closed

Memberships are no longer available on-line, as we’re busy getting a record number of pre-registration badges printed and ready to go.

Registration will open for membership sales and pre-registration badge pickup at Noon on Thursday, March 20th. For more info about registration hours and badge prices, go to Memberships.